Image of movie Perdidos en la noche
Image of movie Perdidos en la noche
Image of movie Perdidos en la noche

Perdidos en la noche

Lost in the Night
Amat Escalante
Germany, Denmark, Mexico, Netherlands 2023
120 min
OV w/ EN subtitles

In this exquisite thriller, Amat Escalante continues his exploration of Mexican social dynamics and their entanglement with systemic violence. Mostly set in a luxurious estate in rural Guanajuato, PERDIDOS EN LA NOCHE is a gripping drama about a young man named Emiliano and his quest for justice after his mother is disappeared for political reasons. His search will lead him to the Aldamas, a rich, extravagant family from Mexico City trapped in their own dysfunctional dynamics. This relatively classical, yet hugely tense plot allows Escalante to display his considerable talent as a visual narrator; the way each body is portrayed is purely cinematic. The flawless precision that goes into every shot, the attention lavished on the details of production design and the impeccably directed performances almost burst forth from the screen to enter into an intense dialogue with reality. This dialogue is strengthened by the symbolic dimension of the contrast between the Aldamas’ grotesque vanity and Emiliano’s desperate search, which is what fuels the story. From this perspective, the titular idea of being lost transcends the thriller genre to comment upon an entire society where violence and corruption keep everyone hostage. (Rebecca De Pas)

Amat Escalante: AMARRADOS (2002, K), SANGRE (2005), LOS BASTARDOS (2008), REVOLUCIÓN (2010, KO-REGIE), HELI (2013), VIDAS VIOLENTAS (2015, KO-REGIE), LA REGIÓN SALVAJE (2016)

  • Juan Daniel Garcia Treviño
  • Bárbara Mori
  • Ester Expósito
  • Fernanda Bonilla
  • Mafer Osio
  • Amat Escalante
  • Martin Escalante
  • Adrián Durazo
  • Carlos García
  • Raúl Locatelli
  • Michel Schöpping
  • Fernanda de la Peza
  • Kyle Dixon
  • Michael Stein
  • Daniela Schneider
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