Image of movie Savvusanna sõsarad
Image of movie Savvusanna sõsarad
Image of movie Savvusanna sõsarad

Savvusanna sõsarad

Smoke Sauna Sisterhood
Anna Hints
Estonia, France, Iceland 2023
89 min
OV w/ GER subtitles & OV w/ EN subtitles

A group of women are going through standard sauna rituals: pouring water on the heated rocks, washing, talking and hitting and massaging each other with birch branches. This same group is recorded for around a year, across all four seasons. It begins in the winter: heat inside, snow outside. As we see the women running towards a winter pool carved into the ice wearing nothing but wool socks, there is something about the change in temperature that goes beyond mere hot and cold, it has more to do with a feeling, a bodily sensation: the contraction of the skin and blood vessels, the way the air passes through the lungs, how voices bounce around in space. Over time their conversations expand and deepen, as they move towards a disentanglement of their gender roles, approaching the habitual intimacy of the sauna sessions as a way to reflect on their common experiences as women with families, on love, life, death and violence. Watching this unfold so neatly illustrates one of cinema’s enduring qualities: to make us aware of what happens when the same things are repeated over days, weeks and months, its condensed form allowing us to trace changes that would otherwise be imperceptible. (Lucía Salas)

In the presence of Anna Hints.

Anna Hints: FREE WORLD (2012, K), SEIN (2012, K), MANIFEST OF HOPE (2014, K), ICE (2018, K), JUURED (2018, K), HOMME SAABUB PARADIIS (2021, K)

  • Anna Hints
  • Ants Tammik
  • Huldar Freyr Arnarson
  • Hendrik Mägar
  • Tushar Prakash
  • Qutaiba Barhamji
  • Martin Männik
  • Anna Hints
  • Edvard Egilsson Eeter
Alexandra Film, Kepler22 Productions, Ursus Parvus

Autlook Filmsales

Sun 29 Oct
Metro, Historischer Saal
OV w/ GER subtitles
Tue 31 Oct
Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus
OV w/ EN subtitles
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