Image of movie Poor Things
Image of movie Poor Things
Image of movie Poor Things

Poor Things

Yorgos Lanthimos
Vereinigtes Königreich, Ireland, United States 2023
141 min
OV w/ GER subtitles

This insane feminine spin on Frankenstein is at once a grandiose and picaresque adventure, one of the most astonishing films of the year and the consecration of Emma Stone as a great diva of our time. It narrates the story of Bella Baxter, created in an eccentric surgeon’s lab with the body of a woman and the brain of an infant. Free of moral restraints, Bella leaves the house of her creator to discover the world, accompanied by a shady lawyer eager to possess her youthful beauty. But Bella has no intention of being possessed by anyone and instead embarks on a path towards liberation that incorporates sex, literature, friendship and cream tarts. Bella’s thirst for progress reveals the hypocrisy informing social conventions and romantic behaviour; her urgent quest is pursued with a graceful, entirely irrepressible logic. This Victorian fantasy is also a feast for the eyes: all the characters move through a dreamily distorted fin de siècle version of Europe, where costumes, architectures, dialogues and even animals are opulently baroque and crafted down to the smallest detail. The wit and intelligence behind this women’s fantastical liberation tale is like a blessing at a moment when fast-food style feminism has invaded mainstream production. (Rebecca De Pas)

Ö1 breakfast film on October 30: Admission and coffee at 5.30 am and free breakfast-to-go after the screening! 

Yorgos Lanthimos: KINETTA (2005), DOGTOOTH (2009), ALPS (2011), THE LOBSTER (2015), THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER (2017), THE FAVOURITE (2018)

  • Emma Stone
  • Mark Ruffalo
  • Willem Dafoe
  • Ramy Youssef
  • Christopher Abbott
  • Suzy Bemba
  • Jerrod Carmichael
  • Kathryn Hunter
  • Vicki Pepperdine
  • Margaret Qualley
  • Hanna Schygulla
  • Tony McNamara
  • Robbie Ryan
  • Johnnie Burn
  • Yorgos Mavropsaridis
  • Jerskin Fendrix
  • James Price
  • Shona Heath
Searchlight Pictures , Element Pictures, Film4, TSG Entertainment

Searchlight Pictures

The Walt Disney Company (Austria) GmbH
Farbe und schwarzweiß
Wed 25 Oct
OV w/ GER subtitles
Sat 28 Oct
OV w/ GER subtitles
Mon 30 Oct
OV w/ GER subtitles
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