Image of movie Never Rarely Sometimes Always
Never Rarely Sometimes Always
Image of movie Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Niemals selten manchmal immer
Eliza Hittman
United States 2020
101 min

Eliza Hittman inhabits a mode of low-key but relentlessly accumulating naturalism here that is familiar from the Dardenne brothers or contemporary Romanian cinema. Autumn is a teenager who needs to travel from Pennsylvania to New York in order to get an abortion without her parents' knowledge; her friend Skylar accompanies her. There are no explanatory flashbacks, just a few hints of backstory. Through the drag of several days and nights, through endless rides on bus and train, dealing with troublesome handicaps (like a lack of money), the girls push on, not saying much. Hélène Louvart's cinematography is crisp and understated. There is no overt melodrama, only a touch of suspense – Hittman avoids any sensationalism. There are passing characters in official positions (doctors, nurses, train station guards), but they are never demonized; they too are just ordinary people trying to do their jobs in conditions of daily difficulty. The film's dramatic center is deliberately displaced, hidden: it is the toxic masculine culture that expresses itself in offhand actions, words, exchanges, and pressures. At the heart of the film, a tell-tale, wordless gesture between the girls expresses everything left unspoken. (Adrian Martin)

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Eliza Hittmann: A LUMIERE (2008, K), TRICKSTER (2009, K), SECOND COUSINS ONCE REMOVED (2010, K), FOREVER'S GONNA START TONIGHT (2011, K), IT FELT LIKE LOVE (2013), BEACH RATS (2017), HIGH MAINTENANCE (2016–2020, TV- Serie), 13 REASONS WHY (2017–2020, TV-Serie)

  • Sidney Flanigan - Autumn
  • Talia Ryder - Skylar
  • Ryan Eggold - Autumn's stepfather
  • Sharon Van Etten - Autumn's mother
  • Théodore Pellerin - Jaspar
  • Eliza Hittman
  • Hélène Louvart
  • Scott Cummings
  • Julia Holter
  • Meredith Lippincott
  • Olga Mill
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