Image of movie Clebs
Image of movie Clebs
Image of movie Clebs


Halima Ouardiri
Canada, Morocco 2019
18 min

A painting in sand colors. 750 dogs roaming freely in a shelter in Morocco, their daily routines observed. Eat, drink, sleep. It’s a peaceful society – most of the time. But who wants to adopt a lousy mutt from the street? CLEBS can be grasped on various levels: at a visual one, as a study of movement and time. As a picture puzzle: At which moment does the individual merge into the mass? And it can be seen as a gathering of the unwanted. At the end, radio news referring to global refugee flows can occasionally be made out. Who cares? (Gunnar Landsgesell)

In the presence of Antoinette Zwirchmayr and Friedl vom Gröller.

  • Halima Ouardiri
  • Anna Cooley
  • Bruno Pucella
  • Xi Feng
Halima Ouardiri, Abel Aflam, Le coeur sur la patte

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