Hitting the pocket guide

V'14 pre-sale started

October 18 2014

„Good morning sunshine. Pre-sale here we go.“, maybe they that left their house the ninth hour said. „Where aren't thou?“, the early birds asked, who went in search for tickets at 6.30 am for example. Both couldn't get around the waiting. Not even the third ones, who chose to order their bowl of cherries at home.

Schottentor seemed to have no equal as drop-in center for the masses. Gartenbaukino was pretty typical V-like into snake charming and looked as cinemas ought to look more often these days (crowded). Due to the as yet seemingly status of an insiders' tip the atmosphere at reopened Metrokino was relaxed. The people in front of the Künstlerhauskino held their own coping with the express offices' increase in popularity.

On that note: Posed, the cover picture. Placed as the people in front of the cash-desks were. They scribbeld one more thing into their pocket guides, examined their brought lists. At odd times they nibbled at a kifli they were bestowed on or rubbed an apple clean with a little help from their sleeve. Bit by bit – snack time for the win – conditions were looking like success. Sun (that which made computer monitors difficult to see) was shining too. Sounds as corny as the Cross Processing Filter seems.

Comment on statistics: The average movie buff stranded on curbstone and chill was willing to get 50 tickets for a group consisting of five cineastes respectively 30 for three as well to be papped half a time. That makes 10 tickets per head and a plea for privacy more, which is convenient because one can get the latter in the cinema hall.