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Eva Sangiorgi to remain artistic director of Austria’s largest film festival until 2026

The Viennale is happy to announce that the contract of director Eva Sangiorgi has been renewed for another five years. The decision was made by the Viennale’s board of trustees in accordance with Vienna’s City Councillor for Cultural Affairs, Veronica Kaup-Hasler. Eva Sangiorgi, director of the Viennale since March 2018, has been entrusted with the artistic responsibility for the festival until March 2026.

“I see the extension of my appointment as Viennale director as a mission to further develop my vision of a festival that grows along the needs and requirements of contemporary cinema,” Eva Sangiorgi said. “And it offers the opportunity to not only develop new program items and collaborations, but also to consolidate them in their continuity – for a festival that’s constantly renewing itself. I’m really happy about that, and also about having enough time to learn German.”

“Within a short period of time, Eva Sangiorgi has left her own mark with a great deal of intuition, cosmopolitanism and outstanding programming. This is indispensable for a festival of international significance. She is a great enrichment for the Viennale and this city, so we’re really looking forward to further exciting and stimulating festival editions with her as director,” Veronica Kaup-Hasler, Vienna’s City Councillor for Cultural Affairs, said in favor of the contract renewal.