Thomas Cailley (LES COMBATTANTS) und SchülerInnen der TV5Monde-Veranstaltung | © Viennale/Ruth Ehrmann

Cinema for classes at the VIENNALE

Learning and teaching French with TV5MONDE and „LES COMBATTANTS“

Experience the VIENNALE once as a guest and exclusively meet a film maker: festival sponsor TV5MONDE made on October 30th this dream come true for 50 French learning pupils by inviting them to the premiere of „Love at first Fight“ directed by Thomas Cailley at the Gartenbaukino. This festival experience was part of the educational project initiated by TV5MONDE at the VIENNALE which also included a pedagogical dossier and a workshop for Austrian French teachers focused on the award-winning romantic comedy. The aim : learning and teaching French with movies and sparking young people’s interest for francophone film art. Aim achieved!

TV5MONDE broadcasts every week six award-winning francophone films in original with subtitles and provide teachers and French learners (from Beginner to Advanced level) worldwide with free multimedia resources, dossiers and interactive exercices.