Bertrand Bonello


Bonello Bertrand

Director of

Born in 1968 in Nice. After receiving an education as a classical musician, he shot his first short films and documentaries in the mid nineties. In 1998 QUELQUE CHOSE D’ORGANIQUE is his first feature film, for which he also wrote the screenplay and composed the music. For LE PORNOGRAPHE (2001, Viennale 01) he receives the Cannes Film Critics' Prize.
Feature films: TIRESIA (2003), DE LA GUERRE (2008), L’ APOLLONIDE (SOUVENIRS DE LA MAISON CLOSE) (2011, Viennale 11), SAINT LAURENT (2014), NOCTURAMA (2016, Viennale ´16), ZOMBI CHILD (2019, Viennale '19)