Michael Rubbo
Kanada 1974
58 min

This unusual documentary is neatly summarized by its title. Shot in 1974, it follows a group of men as they travel to Cuba. Expecting to interview Fidel Castro, the group consists of filmmaker Michael Rubbo, broadcaster Goff Sterling, and the former socialist premier of Newfoundland, Joey Smallwood. Unfortunately when they arrive on the troubled isle they end up playing a waiting game with Castro, with the Cuban premier proving to be a highly elusive subject. Using their initiative, the men simply film each other while they wait, and espouse various personal theories on Cuba, socialism, and a broad range of other subjects. Eschewing Castro, the engrossing dialogue makes up the bulk of this film, providing a highly entertaining and unique film that is intuitive documentary filmmaking at its finest.

Will be screened together with <filmlink id=\"2561\">... à Valparaíso</filmlink>.

National Film Board of Canada (NFB), Tom Daly, Colin Low, Michael Rubbo
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