Georgi Lazarevksi
FRA 2006
54 min

He has prepared himself for years, and now the moment has finally come: The 91-year-old French Aimé Helbing is going on a journey across Morocco. His grandson, director Georgi Lazarevski, will come along. Aimé is a charming and witty man who looks forward to the trip. Lazarevski patiently films him and ties the story together with questions in his voice-over.
«I started filming my grandfather, Aimé Helbing, some years before our departure for Morocco. My first film didn't have much of a structure and was more of a journal. It served more to get closer to my grandfather, whom I didn't know very well. I gradually got the feeling that there was someone else hidden behind the cold, taciturn personality. I discovered the mysteries of a man battered by life, but who deep down had kept a certain innocence and naivety. A man over ninety years old who could still marvel at everything, who could free himself from his self-imposed chains, who could still dare. It is this potential that I wanted to show.» (Georgi Lazarevski)

This film is shown together with North Side / South Side.

  • Georgi Lazarevski
  • Georgi Lazarevski
  • Georgi Lazarevski
  • Catherine Gouze
  • Jean Coudsi
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
  • Antonín Dvorák
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