Un film dramatique

Eric Baudelaire
F 2019
114 min

An ideology tends to enshroud childhood – that it is a space of innocence, to be protected from politics and social concerns. There are a handful of films that have rejected this premise, considering young people as a part of society at large. These include Godard and Mièville’s FRANCE/TOUR/DÉTOUR/DEUX/ENFANTS (1977), and Michel Gondry’s THE WE AND THE I (2012). Éric Baudelaire’s new film joins this rare company. Made in collaboration with the film club students at the Dora Maar Junior High School in Saint-Denis, this project was executed over four years and, while exploratory in its form, displays remarkable coherence.
They discuss Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump, anti-immigrant sentiment, and Arab students talk about perceptions that other Parisians have about them following a terror attack. But with Baudelaire’s help, they go deeper than this. They don’t just complain about “fake news” or the unreliability of the dominant media. They actually do something about it, working out formal ideas regarding hybrid forms of documentary, fiction, and autobiography.
UN FILM DRAMATIQUE is that rare film that conveys the capacious lyricism we tend to associate with the cinema of Agnès Varda. (Michael Sicinski)

In the presence of Éric Baudelaire.


  • Claire Mathon
  • Claire Mathon
  • Anida Ait Abdesselam
  • Ambrine Belarbi
  • Assia Chaihab
  • Melinda Damis
  • Alyssa David
  • Dafa Diallo
  • Océane El Faqir
  • Sabou Fofana
  • Gaëtan Gichtenaere
  • Lina Ikhlef
  • Bintou Kamate
  • Guy-Yanis Kodjo
  • Ibrahima Konate
  • Basile Leignel
  • Gabriel-David Pop
  • Aissé Sacko
  • Rabyatou Saho
  • Mohammed Samassa
  • Fatimata Sarr
  • Manelle Zigh
Poulet-Malassis Films, Les Films d’Ici


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