Arnaud Desplechin
FRA 1992

Mathias, the son of French diplomat in Germany, is about to begin his training as a pathologist in Paris. Whilst crossing the Franco-German border on a train, he is singled out and harassed by customs officials. On his arrival in Paris, he is shocked to discover a mummified head in his luggage. Intrigued by the mystery, Mathias starts to use his skills to analyse the head and discovers that it belongs to a recently deceased Westerner. At the same time, he attempts to integrate with his fellow students, many of whom appear to have connections with the security services. Unwittingly, Mathias finds himself the instrument in a deadly vendetta between a former agent, Bleicher, and a man who assisted Soviet scientists in crossing the Iron Curtain.

  • Emmanuel Salinger - Mathias
  • Thibault de Montalembert - Jean-Jacques
  • Jean-Louis Richard - Bleicher
  • Valérie Dreville - Nathalie
  • Marianne Denicourt - Marie
  • Jean-Luc Boutté - Varins
  • Bruno Todeschini - William
  • Philippe Duclos - Macaigne
  • Fabrice Desplechin - Simon
  • Emmanuelle Devos - Claude
  • Arnaud Desplechin
  • Pascale Ferran
  • Noémie Lvovsky
  • Emmanuel Salinger
  • Laurent Poirier
  • Caroline Champetier
  • Arthur Le Calsne
  • François Gedigier
  • Marc Oliver Sommer
  • Antoine Platteau
  • Valérie Pozzo di Borgo
  • Agnès Falque
Why Not Productions 3 rue Paillet 75005 Paris, Frankreich T 1 482 42 45 0

Why Not Productions 3 rue Paillet 75005 Paris, Frankreich T 1 482 42 45 0

35 mm
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