Pedro Costa


Pedro Costa
P 1989
99 min

The story is set between Christmas and New Years Day on the banks of the Rio Tejo. Vicente and Nino are respectively seventeen and ten years old. They share the secret of their father, who is regularly absent for obscure reasons. Does he have a mysterious illness or is he involved in dubious activities? When at a certain point the father seems to have disappeared for good, they try to organise a normal household with the help of a girl. But strange events continue to take place: An uncle makes a special trip from the big city to askfor an explanation and some criminals linked to the father force the brothers to provide information. Because they are so desperately determined to keep their secret, they decide to seperate. They lose each other and their intimate bond appears to be broken for good.

  • Pedro Hestnes - Vicente
  • Nuno Ferreira - Nino
  • Inês Medeiros - Clara
  • Luis Miguel Cintra - Tio
  • Canto de Castro - Vater
  • Isabel de Castro - alte Frau
  • Pedro Costa
  • Martin Schäfer
  • Pedro Caldas
  • Ana Luísa Guimarães
  • Manuela Viegas
  • Heino Eller
  • Igor Stravinsky
  • The The
  • José Gomes
  • Rita Lopes Alves
RTP/Trópico Filmes

Contracosta Produções, Lda.Travessa da Pereira Nº16 A, Porta B 1170-313 Lissabon, Portugal T 21 886 03 93,

35 mm
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