Jean-Claude Rousseau
FRA 2009
19 min

A view of a courtyard. The camera follows the action from a terrace, or, rather, waits for it to happen, as the small square remains deserted for the most part. Thus it is seemingly unimportant things that first attract the viewer's attention: the winding street, the straight walls, the bright and dark squares of the windows. A female voice leaves a message on an answering machine. Yet time does not stand still: While a few minutes of black-and-white film repeatedly interrupt this Série noire, the sky gradually grows darker, and in the end action does indeed come into play. A slightly different take on \"Rear Window\".

This film is part of the short film program Kurzfilmprogramm 3.

  • Jean-Claude Rousseau
Jean-Claude Rousseau

Jean-Claude Rousseau, 11, rue Crozatier, 75012 Paris, Frankreich, T + 33 1 46 28 97 35

Video (Digi Beta)
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