Early Austrians


80 min

]]>Der Märtyrer seines Herzens (Beethovens Lebensroman, Beethoven und die Frauen)]]> (1918, viragiert, dt. Zwischentitel)
Regie: Emil Justitz
Drehbuch: Emil Kolberg
Darsteller: Fritz Kortner, Nelly Hochwald, Lina Anthes, Anton Pointner, Marion Illing
Produktion: Fabrikationsabteilung der Zentralstelle der Feldkinos / Filmstelle des k. u. k. Kriegspressequartiers (Wien)

In ]]>Märtyrer seines Herzens]]> the then completely unknown Fritz Kortner played his first leading role. The film narratively illustrated the myth of the artist who, despite being gifted is privately unhappy and finds fulfilment only in his art. It was equally important to the director to sentimentally show the “magical colours of life in the imperial city in spring”. Famous Viennese postcard scenes are invoked as visual archetypes and because of its fame Beethoven’s fate is, despite the historical inaccuracy, transposed to the present and filmed “on location” for the audience of 1918.

35 mm
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