Posledniy Limuzin

The Last Limousine
Daria Khlestkina
RUS, DEU 2014
74 min

Faced with the relentless demise of the factory they work at, Mikhail, Andrey, Nina, Vladimir, Nadia and Luda – bosses, foremen, engineers and workers of the giant Moscow automobile plant ZIL – cling to established routines and professional pride to stay upright in a world which crumbles around them. When an order comes in for the production of three of the factory’s legendary hand-made limousines, once the center-piece of Soviet military parades on Moscow’s Red Square, Mikhail’s team of hand-picked specialists throws itself at the opportunity to show what they are worth.
“Imagine that everything you have stood for and achieved in your work is now suddenly worthless. That is what happened to Mikhail, Nina, Andrey, Nadia and Vladimir. People grew up in one system and under the new realities everything became different. This film is about people who want to feel needed, to do something that makes sense – but the more they try, the less sense it makes.” (Daria Khlestkina)

  • Daria Khlestkina
  • Anna Dashina
  • Evgeniy Kurbatov
  • Sergey Ovcharenko
  • Maria Ushenina
  • Daria Khlestkina
  • Mieneke Kramer
  • Anton Silaev
Marina Razhbezhkina Studio, Filmproduktion, Al-Jazeera English, YLE, NRK

Deckert Distribution

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