Orod Attarpour
Iran 2002
30 min

Through an archaeological dig within an ancient city, the skeleton of a woman having been pregnant at the time of her death is discovered. Parnian portrays archaeologist Ehsan Yaghmane within his professional and family life. Suffering from a mortal hereditary disease, his wife and son as well as Yaghmane himself seem to find comfort in the beauty of the historical site, the landscape, and the kites flying into deep-orange sunsets.

  • Orod Attarpour
  • Ali-Akbar Valadbeighi
  • Vahid Bagherzadeh
IRIB Channel 4, c/o Cima Media International, 64 Hedayat Street, Yakhchal Avenue, Teheran 19497, Iran T 21 254 80 32,

Cima Media International

Video (Betacam SP)
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