Joachim Lafosse
B, FRA, LUX 2006
105 min

Pascale is the all-powerful mother of two rowdy layabouts. Her sons, Thierry and François, tease each other, fight and enjoy a great intimacy. Pascale's ex-husband owns the house but, under the civil code, she is permitted to live there until her death, at which time ownership devolves to their sons. The ex has made a new life for himself and acts as little more than a bank for his progeny. Seeking an emotional connection, Pascale hooks up with a local baker but when he is introduced to her boys, they react with disdain and violence. Lafosse has a disarmingly naturalistic style, at times reminiscent of John Cassavetes. He uses this uncomfortable intimacy to trap his characters in cathartic situations that elicit profound and revelatory explosions of emotion. (Noah Cowan )

  • Isabelle Huppert - Isabelle
  • Jérémie Rénier
  • Yannick Renier
  • Kris Cuppens
  • Raphaëlle Lubansu
  • Patrick Deschamps
  • Didier De Neck
  • Joachim Lafosse
  • François Pirot
  • Hichame Alaouie
  • Benoit de Clerck
  • Sophie Vercruysse
  • Régine Constant
  • Anna Falguères
  • Nathalie du Roscoat
Tarantula Belgique 112 rue Auguste Donnay 4000 Liège, Belgien T 4 225 90 79,

Films Distribution 20 rue Saint Augustin 75002 Paris, Frankreich T 1 53 10 33 99

Stadtkino Filmverleih Spittelberggasse 3 1070 Wien T 1 522 48 14
35 mm
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