Adrián Orr
ESP 2017

Without a job or any perspective of having one, Niñato lives with his parents and devotes his life to hip-hop. He lives the live of a neighbourhood kid in the Madrid of the chronic crisis, but is 34 and has three children to raise. One of them will be responsible of confronting Niñato with his personal conflicts.1962 marked the opening of LA GRAN FAMILIA IN SPAIN. It’s a celebrated drama anyone must refer to when talking about the Franco era. It’s not hard to see in NIÑATO a disenchanted version of the 1960’s film. Adrián Orr’s first feature picks up where his 2013 short film BUENOS DIAS RESISTENCIA left off. In it, he closely followed the everyday “goodmorning” of the family. In NIÑATO, the characters are followed for three more years, and new characters and circumstances are introduced, achieving, from an exact distance, a touching family, generational and social portrait that rebrands the area of paternity as a space of resistance against the reality of a country that’s always adrift. (Buenos Aires FilmFestival)

  • Adrián Orr
  • Eduardo Castro
  • Adrián Orr
  • Ana Pfaff
  • David Ransanz
  • Oro Ransanz
  • Mia Ransanz
  • Luna Ransanz
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