New Sun Breathing in

Chloe Reyes
USA 2017
6 min

A light curtain is rhythmically swaying in the wind, an artistically woven spider’s web taking up this movement and gliding through the air like a long veil. A wasp is rubbing its legs, a cat is cleaning itself, a comb is brushing through gray hair. And an elderly woman is artfully crocheting edging. It is a world dipped into gentle light that Chloe Reyes has created take by take. Thus the threads merge, as the sun announces the break of a new day.

On Oct. 27 in the presence of Chloe Reyes.

  • Chloe Reyes
  • Chloe Reyes
  • Maxine Olson
Chloe Reyes

Chloe Reyes

16 mm
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