Michael Kohlhaas

Arnaud des Pallières
FRA, DEU 2013
122 min

In the sixteenth century, somewhere in the Cévennes, Michael Kohlhaas, a prosperous horse merchant, leads a comfortable and happy family life. Victim of an injustice, this righteous and honest man raises an army and plunders cities to restore his right. “I read ‘Michael Kohlhaas’ when I was 25. Right from the start, I could see it as a movie but I didn’t feel capable of making it. I was young and it looked like an expensive and complicated movie to produce. Also, I had three overwhelming models in my head: Werner Herzog’s AGUIRRE, Akira Kurosawa’s SEVEN SAMURAI and Andrei Tarkovsky’s ANDREI ROUBLEV. So I thought I should wait until I was older and more expert – which hasn’t happened. Eventually, twent-five years later, I figured that if I waited for a gift from heaven, I could easily end up not making the movie. And that somebody else would end up making it instead of me. So I went for it.” (Arnaud des Pallières)

In the presence of Arnaud des Pallières and Christelle Berthevas (screenplay).

  • Delphine Chuillot - Judith
  • Bruno Ganz - Governor
  • Denis Lavant - Clergyman
  • Mads Mikkelsen - Michael Kohlhaas
  • Mélusine Mayance - Lisbeth
  • David Kross - Priest
  • Arnaud des Pallières nach der Novelle (1808) von Heinrich von Kleist
  • Jeanne Lapoirie
  • Jean Mallet
  • Jean-Pierre Duret
  • Sandie Bompar
  • Arnaud des Pallières
  • Martin Wheeler
  • Les Witches
  • Yan Arlaud
  • Anina Diener
Les Films d’Ici, Looks Filmproduktionen, Arte France Cinéma, ZDF/Arte

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