Larry Cohen


Larry Cohen
USA, Kanada 2004
58 min

In 1958, Larry Cohen adapted William A. Stuart’s novel “Night Cry” for NBC television, just as Ben Hecht had done eight years before for Otto Premingers Where the Sidewalks Ends. Jack Klugmans stars as a tough cop who will discover his own fears in the end of this oppresive noir-story.
More than 40 years later Larry Cohen tells the story of a busload of travelers who are stranded in the middle of nowhere when their bus breaks down. Unfortunately, they split as young Stacia decides to walk alone to a motel. Another group decides to hitch a ride with truck driver Wheeler (one more time Cohen’s favourite actor Michael Moriarty), who is willing to take them to a truck stop. The remaining travelers meet a cowboy named Walker. Pick Me Up, written by David J. Schow (“The Crow”) and directed by Cohen for the Masters of Horror series, seems harmless until you discover that Walker and Wheeler are competing serial killers.

]]>Masters of Horror: Pick Me Up]]> will be screened together with Kraft Mystery Theater: Night Cry.

  • Fairuza Balk - Stacia
  • Warren Kole - Walker
  • Michael Moriarty - Jim Wheeler
  • David J. Schow
  • Brian Pearson
  • Marshall Harvey
  • Jay Chattaway
  • David Fischer
  • Lyn Kelly
British Columbia Production Tax Credit

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