Mange tes morts

Eat Your Bones
Jean-Charles Hue
FRA 2014
98 min

18-year-old Jason Dorkel belongs to a community of travelers. He is preparing for his baptism when Fred, his half-brother, returns after several years in prison. Along with their impulsive and violent brother, Mickaël, the three Dorkels go on trip into the “gadjos” universe looking for copper.
“I was interested in the way fiction and reality merged: like those early photos that Larry Clark took, or his first film, KIDS. Who cares if it’s a documentary or a fiction? What matters is finding the right balance between what you want to tell and the way you tell it, using the appropriate community’s codes.” (Jean-Charles Hue)

  • Jason François - Jason Dorkel
  • Michael Dauber - Mickaël Dorkel
  • Frédéric Dorkel - Fred Dorkel
  • Moïse Dorkel - Moïse Dorkel
  • Philippe Martin - Tintin
  • Jean-Charles Hue
  • Salvatore Lista
  • Jonathan Ricquebourg
  • Antoine Bailly
  • Isabelle Proust
  • Vincent-Marie Bouvot
  • Christophe Simonnet
Capricci Films, CNC, Cine+, Arte/Cofinova 10, Fonds Images de la Diversité

Capricci Films

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