A Magical Substance Flows into Me

Jumana Manna
Palestine, DEU, GBR 2016
67 min

The film draws on the radio program “oriental Music”, made in 1936/37 for the Palestine Broadcasting service by the German-Jewish ethnomusicologist Robert Lachmann. To realise her film, Jumana Manna travelled across Palestine/Israel to meet the groups Lachmann had studied. Her exchanges with Kurdish, Moroccan, and Yemenite Jews, samaritans, members of urban and rural Palestinian communities, Bedouins, and Coptic Christians in their homes and places of work and worship are interspersed with scenes of her parents in her family home in East Jerusalem. The film attempts to disassemble false binaries and challenge the logic of partition and segregation, as well as the colonial discourses underpinning them. Manna seeks, instead, to address the question of Palestine through the lens of 1948 and its consequences, while calling for a multifaceted Palestine, reimagined through the possibilities of sound and listening. (CRG Gallery, new York)

In the presence of Jumana Manna.

  • Adel & Aziza Manna - Eltern
  • Aharon Amram - Tin
  • Jumana Manna
  • Daniel Kedem
  • Antoine Brochu
  • Katrin Ebersohn
  • Jumana Manna
  • Osama Abu ’Ali
  • Hassan Abu ’Ali
  • Hussein Abu ’Ali
  • Said Murad
  • Wisam Murad
  • liron Amram
  • Abdullah Wasif Cahen
  • Neta Elkayam
  • Hani Shushari
  • Mousa Al Khamaysi
  • Amit Hai
  • Yaniv Ovadia
Jumana Manna

Jumana Manna

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