Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub
BRD 1962
18 min

Based upon Heinrich Böll’s 1956 satire “Hauptstädtisches Journal”, MACHORKA-MUFF tells the story of Colonel Erich von Machorka-Muff, who is restored to service by the Minister of defence in Bonn and promoted to General. He marries his lover, named Inniga von Zaster-Pehnunz, and is finally in a position to materialise his favourite project: an academy of “military memories”.

  • Erich Kuby - Erich von Machorka-Muff
  • Renate Lang - Inniga von Zaster-Pehnunz
  • Guenther Strupp
  • Rolf Thiede
  • Danièle Huillet
  • Jean-Marie Straub nach Heinrich Böll
  • Wendelin Sachtler
  • Janosz Rozner
  • Vlado Kristl
  • Peter Schamoni
Straub/Huillet, Atlas Film, Cineropa-Film

Belva Film

35 mm
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