Robert Rodriguez, Ethan Maniquis
USA 2010
105 min

He looked like just another day labourer from the streets, but he turned out to be Machete, a legendary ex-federal officer. Left for dead after clashing with notorious Mexican drug kingpin Torrez, Machete has escaped to Texas, trying to forget his past. But what he finds is a web of corruption that leaves a bullet in a senator and Machete a wanted man. Machete sets out to clear his name and expose a deep conspiracy. His quest ultimately leads him back to Torrez for an epic battle of revenge and redemption.
Machete is dryly funnier than most straight comedies, gorier than most splatter flicks, and more action-packed than three random Stallone flicks. The action is insane, but it’s the clever tone that sets Machete apart. The flick feels half like a spicy Latino James Bond parody, and the other half feels like an over-the-top love letter to some high-end cinematic cheese. But it works! (Scott Weinberg)

  • Danny Trejo - Machete
  • Jessica Alba - Sartana
  • Michelle Rodriguez - Luz
  • Robert De Niro - Senator McLaughlin
  • Steven Seagal - Torrez
  • Don Johnson - Lt. Stillman
  • Jeff Fahey - Booth
  • Robert Rodriguez
  • Álvaro Rodríguez
  • Jimmy Lindsey
  • Catherine Harper
  • Carla Murray
  • Rebecca Rodriguez
  • John Debney
  • Carl Thiel
  • Christopher Stull
  • Nina Proctor
Troublemaker Studios, Overnight Films, Dune Entertainment

Hyde Park International

Sony Pictures Filmverleih
35 mm
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