In Focus: Gürcan Keltek


Gürcan Keltek
NL, TR 2015

Gürcan Keltek’s lyrical landscape film KOLONI explores the ruined landscapes and ghost towns of Cyprus, haunted by the specters of its traumatic history of division and conflict. As the Committee on Missing Persons pursues the enormous task of excavating and identifying remains from the island’s hundreds of mass graves, the voices and faces of the survivors offer testimony of the 1974 conflict between the fascist Greek junta and the invading Turkish military, which devastated the island’s residents and irrevocably divided its territory. The legacy of pain that still lingers in rocky surfaces and living memory alike is captured in Keltek’s typically textured monochrome images of dry, gravel mountain ranges and decimated buildings, and his expressionistic sound design, which layers ominous crackles of phantom radio broadcasts and eerie atmospheres with the spoken reminiscences of those that remain. (Leo Goldsmith)

In the presence of Gürcan Keltek

  • Aziz Mullaaziz
  • Gürcan Keltek
  • Marc Van Goethem
  • Murat Tunçel
  • Fırat Gürgen
  • P. J. Philipson
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