Retrospective 2015


Ken Loach
GBR 1969
110 min

Ken Loach’s KES is a quintessential portrait of working-class Northern England. Billy (an astonishingly naturalistic David Bradley) is a fourteen-year-old miner’s son whose close bond with a wild kestrel provides him with a spiritual escape from his dead-end life. KES brought to the big screen the sociopolitical engagement Loach had established in his work for the BBC, and pushed the British “angry young man” film of the sixties into a new realm of authenticity, using real locations and nonprofessional actors. Loach’s poignant coming-of-age drama remains the now legendary director’s most beloved and influential film.

  • David Bradley - Billy
  • Colin Welland - Mr. Farthing
  • Lynne Perrie - Mrs. Casper
  • Freddie Fletcher - Jud
  • Barry Hines
  • Ken Loach
  • Tony Garnett based on the novel «A Kestrel for a Knave» by Barry Hines
  • Chris Menges
  • Tony Jackson
  • Gerry Humphreys
  • Roy Watts
  • John Cameron
  • William McCrow
  • Daphne Dare
Kestrel Films, Woodfall Film Productions

United International Pictures

35 mm
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