Jerry & Me

Mehrnaz Saeedvafa
USA 2012
38 min

JERRY & ME is a personal documentary exploring the significance of Hollywood movies (by Kubrick, Hitchcock, Sirk, and Jerry Lewis, among others) in the life of the filmmaker as a viewer and, later on, as a filmmaker and film teacher, both in Iran and in the United States. The film focuses mainly on the image of Lewis as an icon of American culture and as a character who never quite fits within that culture.

In the presence of Mehrnaz Saeedvafa.
Combined with the presentation of her movie Mehrnaz Saeedvafa will give a lecture on Jerry Lewis.

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  • Jerry Lewis
  • Mehrnaz Saeedvafa
  • Mehrnaz Saeedvafa
  • Mehrnaz Saeedvafa
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Mehrnaz Saeedvafa

Mehrnaz Saeedvafa

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