Tribute: Manoel de Oliveira


Manoel de Oliveira
P 1981
167 min

The based-on-truth tale of doomed love narrates the moth-like convergence of two wealthy young men around a famous female flame of the nineteenth century. De Oliveira is a mischievous delighter in ritual – his tirelessly talkative characters group themselves into velvet-rich conversational tableaux, sometimes looking at each other, mostly gazing out to camera in an Old Master trance, as if Velásquez stood off-screen, palette in hand. His movies have a slow Protean pulse, a surging grandeur and a power to build a tragic breaking-point without any showy climaxes. (Nigel Andrews)

From the collection of the Cinemateca Portuguese and with support from the Österreichischen Filmmuseums

further screening: Nov. 25, 20:00 Filmmuseum


  • Teresa Menezes - Francisca / Fanny
  • Mário Barroso - Camilo Castelo Branco
  • Rui Mendes - Manuel Negrão
  • Paulo Rocha - Doctor
  • Sílvia Rato - Maria Owen
  • Glória de Matos - Rita Owen
  • Diogo Dória - José Augusto
  • Manoel de Oliveira based on the novel «Fanny Owen» by Agustina Bessa Luís
  • Elso Roque
  • Jean-Paul Mugel
  • Monique Rutler-Bairrão
  • João Paes
  • António Casimiro
  • Rita Azevedo Gomes
V.O. Filmes

Gemini Films

35 mm
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