Moslem Mansouri
Iran, S 2004
32 min

In Iran today, prostitution comes in different forms and has acquired broad dimensions. Many married women have to sell their bodies to make a living. Meanwhile, the religious government is stoning women to death for sex out-of-marriage. This film is a snapshot showing a small part of the conditions endured by prostitutes in Iran, told in their own words. (Moslem Mansouri)

  • Hamed Khosroshahi
  • Bahman Asadi
  • Armand und Moslem Mansouri
  • Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh
  • Moslem Mansouri
Lila Ghobady, 1545 Alta Vista DR apt 1110, Ottawa, ON K1G 3P4, Kanada

Moslem Mansouri, 2266 West 236th Place, Torrance, CA 90501, USA,

Video (Betacam SP)
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