Patric Chiha
FRA, AUT 2009
110 min

HOME RUN. New Cinema from Austria

Pierre, a teen of 17, spends all his time with 40 year old mathematician Nadia. Their rapport is friendly, ambiguous, bordering on amorous. The anarchy that reigns Nadia's life fascinates this young man on the threshold of adulthood. But Nadia is a wounded soul, dependent on alcohol. Little by little, she slips away. Pierre thinks he can help her, bring her back from the brink Domaine is a love story. Pierre and Nadia’s relationship is punctuated by rituals. At
first these rituals are solid and reliable, but gradually they break down and begin to disintegrate.
There is a shift from order to disorder as the cracks progressively begin to show. Words hold an important place in the film. To me one of the most moving and troubling signs of alcoholism is when words begin to slide off the rails. Domaine is also a film about walking, it’s a walking road movie. How do the characters move through the scenery? They meet for regular walks, they crisscross town, they follow clearlymarked paths through parks before ultimately getting lost on their last walk in the forest in Austria. In perpetual movement, Nadia says goodbye to the world as Pierre discovers it. (Patric Chiha)

  • Béatrice Dalle - Nadia
  • Isaïe Sultan - Pierre
  • Alain Libolt - Samir
  • Raphaël Bouvet - John
  • Sylvie Rohrer - Barbara
  • Udo Samel - Direktor
  • Tatiana Vialle - Jeanne
  • Patric Chiha
  • Pascal Poucet
  • Walter Fiklocki
  • Karina Ressler
  • Milkymee
  • Céline Cayron
  • Maria Gruber
  • Pierre Canitrot
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