Retro: Chantal Akerman


Tomorrow We Move
Chantal Akerman
FRA, B 2004
110 min

Charlotte struggles to make space in her life for her newly widowed mom Catherine. Amid the clutter and unpacked boxes, Charlotte schleps her laptop around the house, trying to get a grip on the erotic novel she's working on. Piano teacher Catherine starts receiving a stream of students for lessons, and in her off-hours gets weepy over the peculiar ways her dead hubby. The two women then decide to sell the flat. Charlotte goes hunting for a studio to work in with realtor Popernick, a Pole ex-pat who eventually forms a budding romance with Catherine. By chance, Charlotte finds Michelle, a poet her age who needs a flat in the afternoon to write. Charlotte co-signs a lease and agrees to use it in the mornings only. They agree not to meet again. Nevertheless, Michelle can't resist working on Charlotte's novel when she's not there, a contribution the latter finds bizarrely welcome.

Paradise Films, Gemini Films, arte France Cinéma, RTBF, CNC, Communauté française de Belgique, Eurimages, Canal+, Ciné Cinéma, Procirep
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