Yang Ik-june
Südkorea 2008
130 min

After witnessing the deaths of his mother and sister as a child, Sang-hoon grew up with rage and hatred towards his father who was responsible for their deaths. The shadow of his past overrules his present. Sang-hoon, now a merciless debt collector, regularly beats his father who returned home after fifteen years in prison. Though he hesitates to become close, he often comes to see his half sister and nephew, who is left alone while his mother is out to make ends meet.
One day, he meets a high school girl, Yeon-hee, who is also having a tough life after her mother’s death four years ago in the hands of local gangsters like Sang-hoon. Her violent younger brother, a high school drop-out, and her father, a former Vietnam veteran, harrass her endlessly and treat her like a slave. Without realizing how their lives may be connected, Sang-hoon and Yeon-hee share some moments of relief and escape from brutal physical and emotional abuse and pain they face everyday. He slowly discovers that perhaps he too can change and affect the lives of those around him, but it may be too late to repent his ways and start his life over again.

  • Lee Hwan
  • Yang Ik-june - Sang-hoon
  • Kim Kkobbi - Yeon-hee
  • Yang Ik-june
  • Yun Jeong-ho
  • Lee Yuen-jung
  • The Invisible Fish
  • Hong Zi
  • Jang Sun-jin
  • Son Seung-hyun
Mole Film

Showbox/Mediaplex 2F, Mediaplex 177-2 Dogokdong, Gangnamgu 135-504 Seoul, Südkorea T +82 2 3218 5649

35 mm
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