Hassan Yektapanah
Iran, Ireland 2004
83 min

In Iran, a young filmmaker and his cameraman friend want to make a documentary about illegal emigration. They offer a substantial sum of money to a people smuggler and suggest to him, and his clients, that they can wear masks, since the smugglers would never agree to be filmed openly, they would likewise forbid their clients to do so. The bus journey has only just begun when the emigrants protest, refusing to be filmed. This argument forces the smugglers to dump the two filmmakers who find themselves alone on a deserted road, frustrated but still determined to make their documentary. Despite various difficulties, they manage to rejoin the convoy. This time the two men are immediately accepted since, thanks to a clever ruse, they manage to convince the police officers who had arrested them that the apparently illegal emigrants are in fact actors in a film being made. What then ensues is the story of an escape from Iran during which the emigrants gradually start removing their masks.

  • Mazdak Taebi
  • Mehdi Baghayan
  • Mohamad Assadi
  • Peyman Jafari
  • Hassan Gol Mehdi Abadi
  • Hassan Yektapanah
  • Reza Rakhshan
  • Parviz Abnar
  • Hassan Zahedi
  • Hassan Yektapanah
  • Keyvan Honarmand
  • Ahmad Bakhshi
Hassan Yektapanah No.7, 35th East St., Mostofy Ave. 14346 Teheran, Iran T 21 806 64 24

Hassan Yektapanah No.7, 35th East St., Mostofy Ave.14346 Teheran, Iran T 21 806 64 24

35 mm
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