Guo Xiaolu


Guo Xiaolu
GBR, VR, China 2004
62 min

Part objective documentary, part personal essay, on the surface this film charts the transformation of Beijing. In order to present a modern glossy face to the world, one where shiny new buildings and icons of western consumerism are rapidly built and pushed to the foreground, the Chinese Government prefers to hide in the background the hardship of the people constructing the new image, and that of the disappearing world of its culture-carrying elders.
Choosing to focus beneath the facade, this intelligent and important work bravely exposes the unseen changes in values and the social costs being payed, especially those of the peasant construction workers of the new China. Told through the contrast of individual's stories with elements of retrospective context, the film functions as a feminine poem on a macho subject, using a clever mix of colour and black & white film, stills, snippets of media newsflash and even quotes and songs from Maoist China.

With Agnès-Varda-like dexterity and lightness, Guo Xiaolu interlaces passages on Chinese culture and history with ironic, intelligent commentary about the other side of the \"Chinese miracle\" to create a visually rich and imaginative film essay on the character of contemporary China. (Melbourne International Film Festival)

This film is screened together with 3 Short Films about Home and Far And Near.

  • Guo Xiaolu
  • Zillah Bowes
  • Sylvester Holm
  • Emiliano Battista
  • Matt Scott
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