Géza von Bolváry
AUT, GBR 1929
74 min

Géza von Bolváry’s ]]>Champagner]]> is a milestone of the German speaking entertainment history, with Betty Balfour playing a waitress in the lead role. ]]>Wiener BilderbogenNr1]]>. combines beauty and irony. Its creator Louis Seel, an enigmatic figure in Austrian animated filmmaking, presents a cheeky and erotic fantasy with real elements, even if the nudity of the female character is covered by the animator’s hand.

Music: Oskar Aichinger, piano.

  • Fritz Greiner
  • Betty Balfour
  • Julius Strobl
  • Vivian Gibson - Marion de l'Orme, Schauspielerin
  • Jack Trevor - Marcel Vibert
  • Otto
  • Franz Schulz
  • Theodor Sparkuhl
Sascha-Film Industrie, Wien British International Pictures, London
35 mm
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