Breaking A Monster

Luke Meyer
USA 2014
93 min

Guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, bassist Alec Atkins and drummer Jared Dawkins began playing when they were in grade school. After a video of the Brooklynites performing on a Times Square street corner got posted on You Tube, they began attracting much more attention, including from Alan Sacks, a veteran bizzer who co-created the 70’s sitcom “Welcome Back Kotter” and has produced numerous TV movies, particularly for Disney. Expanding on his 2014 short (a brief portrait simply called UNLOCKING THE TRUTH), director Luke Meyer has crafted a solid piece of verite observation, made with an obviously high degree of trust and cooperation from the subjects. (Dennis Harvey)

  • Luke Meyer
  • Brad Turner
  • Ethan Palmer
  • Hillary Spera
  • Tom Paul
  • Gigantic Studios
  • Brad Turner
  • Unlocking the Truth
  • Malcolm Brickhouse
  • Jared Dawkins
  • Alec Atkins
  • Alan Sacks
  • Noreen Jackson
  • Tracy Brickhouse
SeeThink Films, Black Label Media

SeeThink Films

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