Chris Chong Chan Fui
Malaysia, CAN 2008
20 min

A building becomes a living painting, framing the lives of an expatriate Indian community in Malaysia in the area of Brickfields (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). It is a major transportation hub, but also a red-light district and an area full of Indian cafés, temples, churches, and mosques alike. The contradictory mélange of sounds mimic the disparate voices that comprise the country's own religious complexities and insecurities.

This film is part of the short film program Kurzfilmprogramm 3.

  • Toni Kasim
  • Y.H. Cheong
  • Morinaga Yasuhiro
  • Lee Chatametikool
Chris Chong Chan Fui

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 119, Toronto, ON M5V 3A8, Kanada, T +1 416 588 0725,

35 mm
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