Andres Veiel
Germany 2001
107 min

<i>Black Box BRD</i> tries to shed a light on a sad event in the sad history of German terrorism. In November 1989, Alfred Herrhausen, president of the Deutsche Bank was killed in a bomb attack. Wolfgang Grams who had joined the Red Army Fraction to fight the capitalist sytem, consumerism and the lifestyle of his parents' generation, was said to have participated in the assault. In 1993, he was killed during a shoot-out with the police. Both Herrhausen and Grams were victims of a war in which there were no winners. The film tries to understand how their tragic destinies were intertwined.

  • Traudl Herrhausen
  • Rainer Grams
  • Hilmar Kopper
  • Rolf E. Breuer
  • Werner Grams
  • Ruth Grams
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