Retrospektive 2013

The Big Mouth

Jerry Lewis
USA 1967
107 min

It is kind of a Hitchcock-streak how the harmless bank employees Gerald Clamson blunders into a plot around stolen diamonds during his annual fishing holiday and has in the end rival gangs and the police on his heels. More like a work of Brecht the narration is offered: A respectable-looking, elderly man intervenes repeatedly throughout the story to arrange and conduct, even if the character’s movements have to be frozen. Introduction: Jonathan Rosenbaum

  • Jerry Lewis
  • Harold J. Stone
  • Del Moore
  • Susan Bay
  • Buddy Lester
  • Paul Lambert
  • Jeannine Riley
  • Leonard Stone
  • Charlie Callas
  • Frank De Vol
  • Vern Rowe
  • David Lipp
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Bill Richmond
  • W. Wallace Kelley
  • Jack Haynes
  • Al Overton Sr.
  • Russel Wiles
  • Harry Betts
  • Lyle Wheeler
  • Moss Mabry
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Joe Stabile
Jerry Lewis Films, Inc.
35 mm
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