Peter Schreiner
AUT 2006
117 min

Giuliana lives in the linguistic enclave of Sappada, Italy, close to the Austrian border. In addition to working in the kitchen of the Bellavista hotel, she explores the local dialect known as «Sappadino», which she has been familiar with since childhood. Bellavista, Peter Schreiner's first film in many years, follows her as she visits the elderly and places of her childhood. Peter Schreiner is an extremely attentive observer and listener, making films in a way others write poems.

  • Giuliana Pachner
  • Bernardina Piller-Puicher
  • Erminja Colle-Tiz
  • Barbara Pachner
  • Diana Pachner
  • Peter Schreiner
  • Giuliana Pachner
  • Peter Schreiner
  • Peter Schreiner
  • Peter Schreiner Hofgasse 9 1050 Wien T 54 80 188 Hofgasse 9 1050 Wien T 54 80 188

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