Retrospective 2015


David Hand
USA 1942
70 min

A doe gives birth to a fawn named Bambi, who will one day take over the position of Great Prince of the Forest, a title currently held by Bambi’s father, who guards the woodland creatures from the dangers of hunters. Bambi grows up very attached to his mother, with whom he spends most of his time. But during Bambi’s first winter, his mother is shot and killed by a deer hunter while trying to help her son find food, leaving the little fawn mournful and alone. “The story of Bambi had a so many possibilities, you could go off on a million tangents. I remember one situation when Walt became involved with himself. He said: ‘Suppose we have Bambi step on an ant hill and we cut inside and see all the damage he’s done to the ant civilization’. We spent weeks and weeks developing the ants, and then all of a sudden we decided, you know, we’re way off the story, this has got nothing to do with the story of Bambi.” (Mel Shaw)

Supporting film: THE PRIVATE LIFE OF A CAT

  • Larry Morey
  • Perce Pearce based on a novel by Felix Salten
  • Maxwell Morgan
  • C.O. Slyfield
  • Edward H. Plumb
  • Frank Churchill (Songs)
  • James Algar
  • Samuel Armstrong
  • Graham Heid
  • Bill Roberts Paul Satterfield
  • Norman Wright
Walt Disney
35 mm
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