Tribute Amos Vogel


George C. Stoney
USA 1953
55 min

As a community and media activist, a professor of film and video, and a maker of a great many films and numerous videotapes, George Stoney is one of the most vocal and influential advocates of the use of video as a social tool. Stoney joined the Southern Educational Film Service in 1946 and formed his own company, George C. Stoney Associates, in 1950. For 20 years, Stoney made some 40 sponsored social and educational documentaries, including the well-known All My Babies about midwifery. This is «one of the first and most important films to treat childbirth as a human event and to show it fully» (Amos Vogel) and was made on assignment from the Georgia State Department of Health as a training film for the so called «granny midwives» almost exclusively Black and illiterate who were at the time delivering a majority of Black babies in the South. Later, it was used widely for midwife training world wide via UNESCO and the World Health Organization.

  • George C. Stoney
  • Peaslee Bond
  • Sylvia Cummins
  • Louis Applebaum
Georgia Department of Health
16 mm
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