V'21 Retrospektive

Phantom Rhapsody

Sarah Pucill
United Kingdom 2010
19 min
no dialogue

If identity and gender are performed, as Judith Butler argues, then performance can also be employed to subvert the conservative traditions that structure how bodies both behave and are perceived. How many more times can we tell this story of resistance? How many more poses can we strike in defiance against a world of normative subjectivities and regimented thought patterns? In the films presented here, theatricality and transgressive humour are offered as ways to construct alternative ways of seeing and sensing bodies. The playfully camp world of Marie Losier’s SLAP! THE GONDOLA (featuring Tony Conrad and Genesis P-Orridge) meets the surreal and sensuous excess of Mara Mattuschka’s BURNING PALACE, while Julia Fuhr Mann’s gloriously queer protest RIOT NOT DIET against the perfect body offers a counterpoint to Sarah Pucill’s delicate take PHANTOM RHAPSODY on the construction of identity through the tension between reality and artifice. (KK)

In the presence of Kim Knowles (curator).
This film will be shown as part of the screening I. PERFORMING SUBVERSION.

All retrospective films that will be shown at the Filmmuseum after the Viennale - from 1.11. - can of course also be reserved as usual at filmmuseum.at or by calling 01/533 70 54 and purchased at the box office of the Austrian Film Museum. The prices of the Austrian Film Museum apply.

Sat 23 Oct
no dialogue
Wed 10 Nov
no dialogue
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