Image of movie Meeting the Man: James Baldwin in Paris
Image of movie Meeting the Man: James Baldwin in Paris
Historiography: James Baldwin

Meeting the Man: James Baldwin in Paris

Terence Dixon
Vereinigtes Königreich 1971
26 min

In JAMES BALDWIN: FROM ANOTHER PLACE, Turkish artist Sedat Pakay designs an intimate, luminous sketch of James Baldwin during a stay in Istanbul. From leisurely moving about his room to the activity of the city and its curious denizens, the author/activist comfortably expounds on his sense of privacy, sexuality and expat tendencies. New facets of this encounter are revealed in the recently compiled and restored OUTTAKES FROM SEDAT PAKAY’S “JAMES BALDWIN: FROM ANOTHER PLACE”. A slightly diferent Baldwin appears in MEETING THE MAN: JAMES BALDWIN IN PARIS, this one sharply defying the filmmaker’s preconceived notions and clueless arrogance. Baldwin is a fierce and capable opponent—and teacher—who emerges graceful, patient and brilliant under fire. And finally, another variation takes centre stage in BALDWIN’S N*****, which documents a talk by Baldwin at the West Indian Student Centre in London. Accompanied by comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory, Baldwin focuses his impassioned, candid speech on Black identity and the Black experience, before taking no-nonsense questions from a largely Black audience. Moments of levity are interspersed with lively, thoughtful exchange and piercing observations. (Brittany Gravely)

This film will be shown as part of the screening JAMES BALDWIN ABROAD.
In the presence of Kathy Pakay.

  • Terence Dixon
  • Jack Hazan
  • Richard Key
  • Picture and audio restoration by Mark Rance, Watchmaker Films

Jack Hazan, Buzzy Enterprises, Ltd.

Wed 25 Oct
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