International directors at Viennale 2016

We are happy to announce the first names of international directors who will visit the Viennale 2016 to present their films.

One of the most important directors is Terence Davies from Great Britain who will be in Austria for his first time, presenting two films. Abel Ferrara also has two films in this year's program which will be part of the tribute to Christopher Walken. Along with Olivier Assayas, Luc Dardenne, Bertrand Bonello, Alain Guiraudie, Cristi Puiu and Julien Temple one guest will John Carpenter be, also giving a concert at Wiener Stadthalle one day after the Viennale. Kenneth Lonergan, guest of the Viennale opening gala, is featured in a small tribute. American filmmaker Su Friedrich chose the Viennale for the world premiere of her new film I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW I FEEL.

Among the younger directors who considerably shaped the 2016 festival season is, for example, brazilian director Kleber Mendonça Filho with his second feature film AQUARIUS. Others are Rebecca Zlotowski, Tim Sutton and Albert Serra whose new film stars a spectacular Jean-Pierre Léaud as King Louis XIV. Concluding also Matt Johnson shall be mentioned - He became famous through the Viennale for showing his first feature THE DIRTIES three years ago. In 2 weeks Johnson will present his new film OPERATION AVALANCHE in Vienna.

„The quantity and quality of international film guests at this year's festival edition underlines, once more, the good reputation and importance of the Viennale within the international film business.“ says Viennale director Hans Hurch.

Find all Viennale guests on October 11th, 8pm, online: