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Cecilia Mangini (1927-2021)

25 Jan 2021

Cecilia Mangini (1927-2021)

The Viennale remembers and expresses its gratitude to Cecilia Mangini, who died last Thursday at the age of 93. A pioneer as a woman in documentary cinema in Italy, she broke ground with her work on the unequal status of women, on the rights of workers, and on the social conditions in Italy, her country, and abroad. With her free spirit and anarchist heart, she has been able to embrace a humanism without frontiers or prejudices in her work both as a photographer and as a film director. In addition to her partnership with her husband Lino de Fra, one of the most influential voices of Italian cinema, she has collaborated with various intellectuals and artists of her time, including Pier Paolo Pasolini.

In 2019 Cecilia was an honorary guest at the Viennale with a cycle dedicated to her films which she presented in cinemas, accompanied by her colleague and great friend Paolo Pisanelli with whom she had made her most recent works. Vienna was overwhelmed by her simple, straightforward and tireless energy. The rooms filled up at every function, which Cecilia accompanied with her reflections and memories, full of joy and depth. Her marvellous works that continue to echo today, the transparency of her gaze and the impetuous strength of her spirit remain with us forever. An overwhelming beauty. We share some memories and send our farewell.

Impressions of Cecilia Mangini's visit to the Viennale in 2019

Cecilia Mangini V'19