This year, the KHM is once again offering a special guided tour. The large exhibition on Titian's image of women will be thematically intertwined with one of the outstanding cinematic virtuosos, Benoît Jacquot and his SUZANNA ANDLER.

Beauty - Love - Poetry

Since the 1970s, and especially in the last decade, the image of women in cinema has shifted. The "male gaze" came into disrepute and new, less pejorative looks at femininity came into focus. Benoît Jacquot takes an exciting approach in his Marguerite Duras adaptation SUZANNA ANDLER. The great Charlotte Gainsbourg in the lead role tries to understand her life. What emerges more and more in the scenes is the image of a woman who simultaneously wants to conform to an image and desperately wants to avoid conforming to an image. The film asks how to look at a woman in 2021, her eroticism and her desires become tangible and meet with images like Bernardino Licinio's "Woman with Male Portrait" and Titian's ideal images. The question is: What does this woman tell us about the society in which she exists?

Fri 29 Oct, 10.30 h · Fri 29 Oct,15.30 h
Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
1st, Maria Theresien-Platz

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Meeting point: Foyer KHM. Admission and guided tour are free of charge!
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